IEEE Project in Power Electronics And Power Systems

IEEE final year Project in Power Electronics And Power Systems


1. An Isolated Semi resonant DC/DC Converter for High Power applications
2. A High Step-up PWM DC-DC Converter With Coupled-Inductor and Resonant Switched-Capacitor
3. A Novel Source Current Control Strategy and Its Stability Analysis for an Indirect Matrix Converter
4. A Soft-Switching Bridgeless AC–DC Power Factor Correction Converter
5. Design and Experimental Testing of a Resonant DC–DC Converter for Solid-State Transformers
6. High-Efficiency Soft-Switching AC–DC Converter With Single-Power-Conversion Method
7. An Asymmetric Half-Bridge Resonant Converter Having a Reduced Conduction Loss for DC/DC Power Applications with a Wide Range of Low Input Voltage
8. Performance Evaluation of a Semi-Dual-Bridge Resonant DC/DC Converter with Secondary Phase-Shifted Control
9. A Novel Soft Switching Bidirectional DC–DC Converter Using Magnetic and Capacitive Hybrid Power Transfer
10. Single-Phase Single-Stage Isolated ZCS Current-Fed Full-Bridge Converter for High-Power AC/DC Applications
11. A Synchronous Buck DC–DC Converter Using a Novel Dual-Mode Control Scheme to Improve Efficiency
12. Plug-In Repetitive Control Strategy for High-Order Wide-Output Range Impedance-Source Converters
13. A Hybrid Resonant Pulse-Width Modulation Bridgeless AC–DC Power Factor Correction Converter
14. Analysis and Design of a Hybrid-Type Converter for Optimal Conversion Efficiency in Electric Vehicle Chargers
15. Two-Stage 48 V-12 V/6 V-1.8 V Voltage Regulator Module With Dynamic Bus Voltage Control for Light-Load Efficiency Improvement
16. Comprehensive Analysis of Three-Phase Three-Level LC-Type Resonant DC/DC Converter with Variable Frequency Control—Series Resonant Converter
17. Single-Switch Quasi-Resonant DC–DC Converter for a Pulsed Plasma Thruster of Satellites
18. Analysis and Design of SQR-Based High-Voltage LLC Resonant DC–DC Converter
19. An Integrated Battery Charger With High Power Density and Efficiency for Electric Vehicles
20. Low-Frequency DC-Link Ripple Elimination in Power Converters with Reduced Capacitance by Multi resonant Direct Voltage Regulation
21. A Dual Series-Resonant DC–DC Converter
22. Single-Switch High-Frequency DC–DC Converter Using Parasitic Components
23. Harmonic Burst Control Strategy for Full-Bridge Series-Resonant Converter-Based EV Charging
24. A Digital Current Control Technique for Grid-Connected AC/DC Converters Used for Energy Storage Systems
25. Analysis, Design, and Experimentation of a Dimmable Resonant-Switched-Capacitor LED Driver with Variable Inductor Control

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26. A Family of High-Frequency Single-Switch DC–DC Converters with Low Switch Voltage Stress Based on Impedance Networks
27. An Average Input Current Sensing Method of LLC Resonant Converters for Automatic Burst Mode Control
28. Dead Time Effect on the Double-Loop Control Strategy for a Boost Inverter
29. A Full Soft-Switching ZVZCS Flyback Converter Using an Active Auxiliary Cell
30. Active Suppression of Selected DC Bus Harmonics for Dual Active Bridge DC-DC Converters
31. A DC-Voltage-Controlled Variable Capacitor for Stabilizing the ZVS Frequency of a Resonant Converter for Wireless Power Transfer
32. A Fault-Tolerant Series-Resonant DC–DC Converter
33. Design and Steady-State Analysis of Parallel Resonant DC–DC Converter for High-Voltage Power Generator
34. Quasi-Z-Source Network-Based Hybrid Power Supply System for Aluminum Electrolysis Industry
35. Hybrid Pulse width Modulated Single-Phase Quasi-Z-Source Grid-Tie Photovoltaic Power System
36. Current Ripple Damping Control to Minimize Impedance Network for Single-Phase Quasi-Z Source Inverter System
37. Single-Stage Three-Phase Current-Source Photovoltaic Grid-Connected Inverter High Voltage Transmission Ratio
38. Stability Analysis and Controller Synthesis for Single-Loop Voltage-Controlled VSIs
39. Wide Input-Voltage Range Boost Three-Level DC–DC Converter With Quasi-Z Source for Fuel Cell Vehicles
40. A Three-Level LC-Switching-Based Voltage Boost NPC Inverter Model-Based Active Damping Control for Three-Phase Voltage Source Inverters With LCL Filter
41. A New Single-Phase Switched-Coupled-Inductor DC–AC Inverter for Photovoltaic Systems
42. Direct Model Predictive Current Control Strategy of Quasi-Z-Source Inverters
43. A Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage-Emulator/Battery Supported Dynamic Voltage Restorer
44. An experimental study of modified space vector modulation applied to quasi Z source inverters using FPGA
45. A Highly Reliable and High-Efficiency Quasi Single-Stage Buck–Boost Inverter
46. ZVS Phase-Shift PWM-Controlled Single-Stage Boost Full-Bridge AC–AC Converter for High-Frequency Induction Heating Applications
47. Voltage THD Reduction for Dual-Inverter Fed Open-End Load With Isolated DC Sources
48. Photovoltaic Module-Integrated Stand-alone Single-Stage Switched Capacitor Inverter with Maximum Power Point Tracking
49. SSR Mitigation With a New Control of PV Solar Farm as STATCOM (PV-STATCOM)
50. Sensitive Load Voltage Compensation Performed by a Suitable Control Method
51. Clustered Voltage Balancing Mechanism and its Control Strategy for Star-Connected Cascaded H-Bridge STATCOM
52. Fuzzy Logic Based UPFC and Laboratory Prototype Validation for Dynamic Power Flow Control in Transmission Lines
53. Power Control with Z-Source Converter based Unified Power Flow Controller
54. A Transformer-less Unified Power Quality Conditioner with Fast Dynamic Control
55. Modified p-q Theory Based Control of Solar PV Integrated UPQC-S