How to select topic for your final year engineering project

How to select project idea?

The whole process of picking up a good idea begins with understanding why the college/University requires you to develop a project as a part of your curriculum. It’s because working on a project puts all your theoretical knowledge into practical use; and it’s a great learning experience! That means you will have to come up with a project idea that is in sync with your existing knowledge. This is *very important*. Please note that you will be required to learn a lot of new things while you are working on the project. Now let’s discuss how should you go about picking up a project idea.

1. You don’t have to come up with Earth-breaking, Nobel Winning Idea. 

No one expects you to develop a brand-new project that the humans haven’t seen before. All you should focus on is ‘improvements in the things around you‘. If you wish to develop an app : think of a problem that you have faced and have felt that there should have been an app to do that! If you are an electronics / electrical engineer – think of something that you can do with electronics. For example: Can you help moms track their tiny babies with sensors and a mobile app? Isn’t that a cool idea?

The same goes with Chemical, Mechanical, Structural, Metallury, Civil and Biotech engineers. Look for improvements and things that can be done better than current solutions. Of course you might just take up a study project – but you should have your project guide’s approval.

2. Team

Make sure that the topic selection is always a team effort. Every person in the team should be convinced that the topic is the right one for them. If a topic is of interest to only few members of the team; the team won’t be able to function together throughout the duration of the project. If you want the entire team to stick together and work with enthusiasm; you need everyone’s consent for the topic.

3. Budget

Budget is always the criteria that you and your team should consider when deciding on your final year or third year engineering project. Make a correct estimate; and if you can’t – seek help from our fellow experts on CrazyEngineers. Also analyse if you will ever need funding for your project. If the answer is yes; you need to start looking for the sources right away.

4. Hardware / Software / Tools / Technology Needed

One of the most important factors in your topic selection will be the overall requirements of the project – and whether the team is comfortable with them. If your project requires you to work on Java – is everyone in your team comfortable coding in Java? If your project requires you to have Raspberry Pi; ensure that all the team members are comfortable using it. If not – have the consent of all the users to learn the required resources as fast as they can.

5. Use Newton Tech Projects

This might look like an advertisement; but you will benefit a lot. The project ideas and seminar topics section has tons of ideas which you can use or even better – mix two or more ideas to come up with a new one!

If you need assistance, we are always there! Please feel free to make a call and describe what you are looking for in detail.

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