IEEE Project in Communication

IEEE fina year Project in Communication for ECE/EEE/EIE Tirunelveli. We provide projects for CSE, IT, MCA, ECE, EEE diploma, and to work in real time live projects



IEEE Project in Communication 2016 :

1. Robust Joint Resource Allocation for OFDMA-CDMA Spectrum Refarming System
2. Scheduling and Resource Allocation in Downlink Multiuser MIMO-OFDMA Systems
3. Limited Rate Feedback Scheme for Resource Allocation in Secure Relay-Assisted OFDMA Networks
4. Artificial Noise Aided Secrecy Information and Power Transfer in OFDMA Systems
5. Resource Allocation for Multiple-Sources Single-Relay Cooperative Communication OFDMA Systems
6. Intra and Inter-Cell Resource Management in Full-Duplex Heterogeneous Cellular Networks
7. PAPR Constrained Power Allocation for Multicarrier Transmission in Multiuser SIMO Communications
8. Joint Beamforming, Power, and Channel Allocation in Multiuser and Multichannel Underlay MISO Cognitive Radio Networks
9. Energy Efficient Power Allocation Schemes for a Two-User Network-Coded Cooperative Cognitive Radio Network
10. The Impact of Network Size and Mobility on Information Delivery in Cognitive Radio Networks
11. Design of a Wideband Horizontally Polarized Omnidirectional Antenna With Mutual Coupling Method
12. Capacity Enhancement of Ad Hoc Networks Using a New Single-RF Compact Beamforming Scheme
13. Efficient and Effective Full-Wave Analysis of the Instantaneous and Average Behaviors of Time-Modulated Arrays
14. Optimal Reactive Power Dispatch for Voltage Regulation in Unbalanced Distribution Systems
15. Coordination Strategy for Decentralized Reactive Power Optimization Based on a Probing Mechanism

IEEE fina year Project in Communication for ECE/EEE/EIE Tirunelveli